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Our Dream - "A Passion for Quality Living"

Chic Home Deco is all about our Passion of Quality Living and my dream. After years of hard work, we have opened our showroom in CityPlaza Three and also first Pop-Up shop inside Eslite Spectrum in Cityplaza Taikooshing, Hong Kong in Jan 2020.

The retail market has been tough for everyone due to COVID-19 and we have moved out of our Pop-Up shop in July 2020.  We insisted to bring our PASSION and LOVE to everyone and attending different markets and X'mas markets during this tough time and in the past 8 years.


It is not the value of the gift that counts but more about the love and effort you put in selecting the gifts for your beloved ones. Please contact us if you need any help.



If you are looking for a wedding, birthday, housewarming gift or gift ideas for Christmas and New Year or festive seasons, please feel free to contact us by email or whatsapp mobile on +852 9181 6155.


It is not the value of the gift that counts but more the love and effort you have put in selecting the gifts for your dear and loved ones.


Grand Opening Celebration Party, Showroom opening &
Animal Charity Donation

Thank you for coming to our grand opening on 1 December 2013, our 1st Anniversary party and Charity sale at Island East Sunday Market and Swire Properties White Christmas Charity Fair 2014 & 2016.

We opened our showroom shop in Cityplaza Three in 2018 to June 2020 We continue our support to animal charities for all your love and care expressed to our abandoned cats and dogs.



For enquiries on adoption of dogs and cats, please feel free to contact me on whatsapp mobile: (852) 9181 6155.


With Love from Chic Home Deco

Shop Opening 2020

Our Pop-Up shop was opened in Jan 2020 inside Eslite Spectrum in Taikooshing but due to COVID-19, we have moved out in July 2020.

Thank you to all my dear friends and all your support and especially to our coffee sponsor from Cuppaz Hong Kong. Thanks also to MissFleurs and Chapter of Silver for all your support.

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